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ecoR Tech was established based market sentiment that the mobile repairs market was and still is a fragmented and ungoverned services industry. Mostly dominated by small independent operators offering varying levels of quality and customer service, the industry was ripe for disruption, governance and most importantly change. ecoR Tech prides itself on our core values of providing our customers value for money, service guarantees and also contributing to a sustainable and greener environment for the future.

Each year 50m tons of electronic waste is thrown into landfill, ecoR Tech is committed to do our bit to help our environment by encouraging you to Recycle and Repair your tech.

That is what set ecoR Tech apart the rest. Not only do we provide the best quality repairs at the most competitive prices and by qualified/certified ecoR Technicians, but we are also consciously focussed on reducing e-waste where we can.

Whether that is choosing to repair your device instead in buying a new one or that you recycle or trade in your old device for the re-use by others, every bit counts to a better and less wasteful society.

In addition to the above, ecoR tech also encourages out supply chain to also think green. For example, most of our accessories sold are packaging using eco-friendly/recyclable paper, nontoxic and vegan inks as well as minimal plastics and digital manuals to reduce waste and carbon emissions.

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