Why We Are So
Passionate About the Environment?

Did you know that the volume of electronic waste generated worldwide in 2019 was roughly 54 million metric tons. Many contributing factors including increased spending power and the accessibility of electronics fuelled e-waste generation in recent decades, making it the fastest growing waste stream worldwide. Unfortunately This trend is expected to continue, with projections showing that by 2030, annual e-waste generation worldwide will have increased by and additional 30 percent.

This is why we, ecoR Tech are so passionate about the Repair, Recycle and Re-Use of mobile and tech devices. Today, we have quickly become a "Disposable" or "Throw Away" society and ecoR Tech want to do our bit to reduce and improve e-waste as much as possible, by contributing and encouraging to a more sustainable and healthier environment for our future.

e-Waste Statistics

Million unused devices in Europe Alone
Earths to support current resource use
Million Tons of e-waist annually
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