Ultimate Device Care Package

Protect your valuable device with ecoR Tech's Care Package
with over $750 of value that can be shared across family and friends.

Experience peace of mind with ecoR Care Devices Program, a comprehensive and innovative protection program designed to safeguard and enhance the longevity and performance of your valued devices. Our program goes beyond conventional warranties and service plans, providing an all-encompassing safety net for your valuable technology investments. With ecoR Care, you can rest assured that your device is in the best hands. We offer top-tier services, including professional repairs, quality accessories, and expert diagnostics and much more, all carried out by our certified technicians. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your device remains in optimal condition throughout its lifecycle. Whether you’ve chosen ecoR Care for your smartphone, tablet, or any other device, you’re making a choice for reliability, quality, and longevity. Discover the ultimate care and protection experience with ecoR Care Devices Program, where your device’s protection is our number one priority.

How do I redeem my offer?

To redeem any of your care package inclusions, simply visit any of our stores and our team will gladly assist you with redeeming your offers.

What devices does the membership cover?

The membership is available for any device in-store, though accessories will be subject to availability. You can call ahead to our store to pre-order or confirm if your phone model accessories/repair is available to avoid a delay.

How many devices does my membership cover?

The Individual membership cover a 1X device and is specific to the IEMI number that you provide at the time of membership purchase. If you have purchased the Family Membership, then you are covered for 4X devices specific to the IEMI number provided.

Can I swap my membership over to my new phone?

Yes you can, though only at the end of your annual membership anniversary or if you have purchased a new refurbished device from ecoR Tech. Simply contact us over the phone or visit us instore.