Genuine Refurb – APPLE ONLY

ecoR Genuine Refurb parts are 100% genuine part that has had a minor refurbishment to restore part back to its original purpose & condition.  For screens, this is usually the Glass (not Digitiser) that has been replaced. Choosing a Genuine Refurb part retains the integrity of your device and is also a more environmentally friendly option, helping reducing e-waste. All Genuine Refurb parts are Fully Certified & Quality checked to meet Australian & ecoR standards.

Why choose Genuine Refurb?
-Those wanting to retain integrity of device, though without the expense of a new part
-For the environmentally friendly conscious, encouraging the reduction of e-waste
-Expecting to keep device for a minimum 2 years+
-Likely to recycle device by providing to friends, family or kids
-The closest replacement part to a NEW original manufactured part