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Tips for Keeping Your Phone Safe and Secure

The following advice might appear to be common sense however a good reminder to implement the steps below to keep your smartphone safe.

Consider antivirus software
Your smartphone is basically a smaller version of your laptop or PC and is subject to the same threats as both of them. There are numerous apps to protect you from these threats and many of them offer additional features such as call blocking, remote data wipe, app lock tools and more.

If you have a favourite app for your computer, it’s a good idea to check and see if they have a mobile app alternative so you can deploy it on your device.

Activate auto lock your device 
This is something we are all aware of, but so many people still keep their phone unlocked because of convenience.

It goes without saying that no protection in the world will help if you leave your phone unlocked. Luckily, most phones have a setting that automatically locks the screen after a set amount of time. Another good idea is to lock separate apps with special mobile apps since data in certain apps is more sensitive than in others.

Update your operating system regularly 
Updates created by manufacturers not only mean that your phone will run more smoothly, but it also means that any vulnerabilities that might have existed, have been resolved and patched up in the new version of the OS.

It’s easy to put this off however you should dedicate the time to do this regularly.

Don’t just install any app 
Don’t download apps if they aren’t from a trusted source (eg.. google play or App Store) as they can pose a threat to your phone. Before you download, it’s always a good idea to read the reviews and make sure they are credible as some apps can be malicious.

It’s also important to keep an eye on permissions – many apps require more than basic permissions and, in most cases, they make sense. For example, a messaging app will need access to your contacts and also a navigation app will need location data. If you come across an app and permissions don’t make much sense, be careful.

Tracking and locking your phone 
If your phone is lost or stolen there’s a couple of handy features your phone has to protect your data. These features include erasing all data after a certain number of incorrect attempts to enter the password, your phone can be located by ringing or by showing it on a map, you can lock or wipe your phone remotely and much more.

Back up your phone data
Your phone has many precious photos and data and it’s important to back them up however it’s quite common for people to do this only when they are changing phones.  This isn’t a great idea for many reasons.

In case your phone is stolen, irreversibly broken or lost, you can retrieve your photos easily if you have them backed up. You can also remotely wipe the data from the phone if you suspect that your phone was stolen without worrying.

If this is the case and you haven’t backed up your data or need advice, please make contact with one of our expert technicians.

Brent Bryce – Ecor Tech

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