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Dropped your phone in Water? What to Do Next!

Dropped you phone in the pool, beach or down the toilet? Well the good news is, you are not the only one. One of the most common repair requests is phones with water damage. The scary fact is that in most instances people do not believe that their phone is repairable and rather enquire to get repaired or fixed, they just go out and purchase a new device.

Whilst great for those who can afford it, for others this can be an expensive and more importantly an unnecessary exercise. Most Water damage devices that have been temporarily submerged or dropped in water can be fixed as long as they are treated and repaired with 24-48hrs.

Whilst it may be tempting to search online and try and fix yourself, you may be doing more damage and therefore recommend that you contact you local mobile repair store to examine and repair your device ASAP. The repair store has all the right tools and equipment to be able to test, diagnose and repair the device should it be repairable.

To properly repair water damaged devices, they should be professionally open, dried, sanitised, tested and professionally closed and sealed to prevent further damage.

There are however some very important tip that you can do yourself to mitigate and reduce further damage prior to you appointment with you repair store:

  1. Power OFF your device: Ensure the device is powered off and do not turn on. This may caused circuit damage and shortage
  2. Take otr Removable Parts: this include sim cards, SD cards etc that may be helping retain waterd
  3. Dry Device with Cloth or Towel: Find  a dry cloth or towel and dry device as much as possible
  4. Store Device in Warm and Dry area: Once you have dried you device, find a warm and dry area to help evaporate water that may still be trapped inside


  • Don’t insert the objects or material inside the charging port.
  • Don’t insert any other objects inside the charging port. L
  • Don’t press any keys or buttons on your phone that may power on device.
  • Don’t shake, tap or bang the phone as this may damage components and LCD
  • Don’t put a fan on it or blow on it.
  • Don’t charge the phone. This especially include wireless charging devices.
  • Don’t dry your phone using an external heat source. such as  hair dryer. Whilst tempting, over heating components and circuit board will damage you device further.

Brent Bryce – Ecor Tech

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